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The New Putt Break Calculator and Training Environment for all Golfers.

There's a HOT SPOT to every putt. You need to know where it is before you stroke the putt. 

The HOT SPOT is that area of a putt, where the ball has the greatest chance to enter the hole, at a signature ball speed.   You've seen it.  It's where the ball just seems to run to the hole, like it's caught in a tractor beam.  

Now you can carry a mobile device app to train yourself see the HOT SPOT.


This interactive training environment features a real-time Putt Calculator that gives you the targeting information you need.

Just enter the Distance and Green Speed (Stimp), then capture the Slope angle (even by laying it on the green!).   Give the ball a good roll within the HOT SPOT and watch the ball track to the hole! 

No More 4 Putts!   No more 3 Putts!   No more Knee-knockers! 


Maybe you hit those "What was I thinking?" putts...


Perhaps you miss those nasty 4 footers on just about every hole and steam just billows from your ears.. 

How lonely, embarrassing and frustrating the game we love can be.


Demystify green reading once and for all.   Get your skills up so those 4 footers drop like apples off a tree.  Get the ball to contend with the hole or enter it on just about every putt. 

We believe that practice putting is more than just trial, error and repetition.  You'll build putting skills faster through analyzing and deciphering the putt's HOT SPOT as part of your practice routine.

Over time, your putting "feel" will increase.

Successful putting will just happen on the course. Confidence and improved scoring will be the result.

Simple to Use. Simple to Understand.


No Maps, No GPS, No Peripherals.

The app uses the mobile device accelerometer to capture slope. Tilt the device to align with the slope of the shot,or just lay it down on the green and LOCK it! Enter the DISTANCE, Enter the GREEN SPEED, Modify the estimate, if needed.  Strike the ball within the HOT SPOT.  Sink the putt as needed.

Imperial and Metric Units supported.

View the putt conditions.


Use camera view to capture the putt condition. Adjust the virtual hole graphic with a captured view of your putt using the Hole drag feature.

View the line or break of the putt with our virtual target line.

Save the Critical Data of your putts.

Use the SAVE feature to capture those successful putts.

"Checkout this putt I hit.. 32ft. 7.2 degree slope; 10 stimp.  The offset was over 6 feet!".. Youza!".

Captures the putt data and photo of the shot for future use in the History List.

Use your mobile device screen capture feature and retain the putt as a picture.

Use our exercises to improve your skills, use our games to challenge your friends.

Practice Putting a new way, with Analysis!  

Once you see the accuracy of a properly read HOT SPOT in action, the putts begin to drop regularly and easily!


Build your skills and confidence with Hot Spot Putting, the mobile device putt break calculator and training environment for all golfers.

View the User Manual:

View our Terms of Use:

** Not intended for Handicap

or Tournament play!)


*** Android App coming soon!
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